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Title I , Part C: Migrant Education

Under this competitive discretionary program, districts may apply for supplemental federal funds to support educational programs for migrant children who experience educational disruptions caused by repeated moves and changes in schools due to parents seeking temporary or seasonal employment in agriculture (including agricultural dairy workers) or fishing.  Migrant children share many risk factors in common with other disadvantaged children: poverty, poor health, disabilities, school disruptions, cultural and language difficulties and social isolation.

Funds must be used for:

  • Services to ensure that special educational needs of migrant children aged 3 to 21 are met.
  • The provision of advocacy and outreach services in education, health, nutrition, and social services.
  • Coordination of services within and across states as well as transfer of health and educational records.
  • Family literacy activities and programs.
  • Parent involvement and parent advisory councils to provide information on curriculum, academic assessment, school programs, etc.
  • Active district recruitment to find and enroll migrant students.

Funds may be used for:

  • Research- based programs in the areas of remedial, compensatory, bilingual, multicultural and vocational education.
  • Health services, counseling and testing, career education, preschool services, and transportation.
  • Technology to support the program (both hardware and software).
  • Program-related professional development for school staff, including travel.
  • Programs for the transitioning of secondary students to postsecondary education or employment.
  • Administrative cost directly associated with program.
  • Indirect costs.

Funds may not be used for:

  • Services to children who do not meet the “Certificate of Eligibility” requirements of agricultural and across district movement.
  • Activities and services not specified in the approved application.


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