2011 Spring Data Conference

NOTE: All presentations have been replaced with "no background" versions
to cut down on printer toner.

Tuesday May 17
End of Year Requirements (Anita Curtis) | EOY Checklist
Special Education (Denise Koscielniak)
A raw, unedited recording of Tuesday's session is available here.

Wednesday May 18

Dual Credit (Brian Salter)
K3+ | Summer Collections (Kate Cleary)
Staff | Course | Staff Compensation | Salaries (Alecia Moll)
Title I (Lisa Hamilton)
Assessment (Andy Hutton)
Bilingual | Immigrant | US 3 Years (Richard Trujillo)
Data Quality (Richard Trujillo)

School Grades (Minerva Carrera)
A raw, unedited recording of Wednesday's session is available here.