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If you are a STARS Access user, please contact Cassandra Cde Baca at 505-827-7932 to be added to our contact list.

STARS Access User Manual

If you are installing STARS Access for the first time, you may download and run this file:

STARS Access District

If you have a current version of STARS Access and wish to upgrade to a newer version, download and run one of the following files:

Upgrade from STARS Access 2014v03 to STARS Access 2015v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2014v02 to STARS Access 2014v03
Upgrade from STARS Access 2014v01 to STARS Access 2014v02
Upgrade from STARS Access 2013v01 to STARS Access 2014v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2012v01 to STARS Access 2013v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2011v01 to STARS Access 2012v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2010v04 to STARS Access 2011v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2010v03 to STARS Access 2010v04

Upgrade from STARS Access 2010v02 to STARS Access 2010v03
Upgrade from STARS Access 2010v01 to STARS Access 2010v02
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v06 to STARS Access 2010v01
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v05 to STARS Access 2009v06
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v04 to STARS Access 2009v05
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v03 to STARS Access 2009v04
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v02 to STARS Access 2009v03
Upgrade from STARS Access 2009v01 to STARS Access 2009v02
Upgrade from STARS Access v11.1 to STARS Access 2009v01

  • All upgrades must be run in succession.  Do not skip any upgrades.
  • Some districts and schools using Microsoft Office 2007 have experienced difficulties executing STARS Access upgrades.  PED is working on a remedy for this issue.
  • Please call Jesse Kain at 505-827-7825 if you experience any problems with installing, upgrading or running STARS Access.

Questions or comments?

Cassandra Cde Baca
Applications Developer
New Mexico Public Education Department
300 Don Gaspar Ave.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

STARS Access Version History



2014v03 6/11/14 Added the missing EOC item descriptions to the Assessment Fact Table.
2014v02 9/25/13 Fixed the primary guardian name not being saved correctly.
2014v01 9/10/13 Initial upgrades for STARS 2013-2014.
See STARS Manual Volume 1 and 2 for modifications.

2013v01 9/15/12 Initial upgrades for STARS 2012-2013.
See STARS Manual Volume 1 and 2 for modifications.

2012v01 9/16/11 Initial upgrades for STARS 2011-2012.
See STARS Manual Volume 1 for modifications pages 11-27.

2011v01 9/3/10 Initial upgrades for STARS 2010-2011.
See STARS manuals for modifications Pgs 9-16.
2010v04 6/3/10

Fixed Infraction codes in Student Infraction template.  System was using 2x and 3x codes.  Converted 2x to 4x and 3x to 5x.  Updated lookup values to reflect correct infraction codes.

2010v03 12/2/09

Staff Snapshot for School Year 2009-2010 snapshot date Dec 1 was using a snapshot date of 2009-10-01 instead of 2009-12-01.

Staff Assignment for School Year 2009-2010 snapshot date Dec 1 was using a snapshot date of 2010-12-01 instead of 2009-12-01.

Staff, Staff Snapshot, Student and Student Snapshot Race 2,3,4,5, once filled did not allow field to be blanked.

Staff Termination code was missing a leading zero on codes less than 10.

Special Ed Snapshot, Primary Exceptionality was not mandatory.

2010v02 9/27/09

ASSESSMENT_FACT Scoring Model Code – added [No Value] option. SPECIAL_ED_SNAPSHOT Primary Disability - added [No Value] option.  Fixed export to include surrogate appointed code.PROGRAMS_FACT Program Code - added "GNM" Graduate NM.STAFF COMPENSATION – Provided method for updating existing Staff Compensation Location Codes.SPECIAL ED SERVICES FACT – Added list of service providers STAFF COMPENSATION – Added import feature to fill in the location code on existing records.

2010v01 8/31/09 Updated to support School Year 2009-2010
2009v06 7/9/09 School Enrollment School Year used incorrect date of 2007-06-30. Program modified to use 2009-06-30.
2009v05 6/19/09


2009v04 6/16/09 Fixed Student Infraction Victim1 Type to uses codes 10-15.  Update will automatically update existing Victim1 Type from codes 1-6 to 10-15. Added Semester to Student Grades. Semester is auto filled and only valid for 40,80,120 and EOY.



Allow the creation of Student Snapshot records with a snapshot date of February 15.



Updated to properly display and process the Staff Snapshot and Staff Assignment templates.  Prior to this release when displaying the templates the program would list all records in the template, regardless of the snapshot date.  This release fixes this issue and after installation the program will only show records relating to the snapshot date identified in the programs “default values”.



Updated to support School Year 2008-2009