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Healthier kids make better students.
Better students make healthier communities.

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2013-2014 Annual Health Services Data Submission

2012-2013 Annual School Health Services Summary Report Brochure

2011-2012 Annual School Health Services Summary Report Brochure

Guidance for Reporting Violence and Vandalism Incidents

Safe Schools Reports

Disclaimers 2005-2006 & 2006-2007

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School Counselors and School Nurses Shortages—Response to LESC Request

House Memorial HM 127—Study Health Education School Requirement—November 2009

Study the Incidence, Nature and Effects of Bullying and Other Forms of Harassment Affecting New Mexico Children and Youth—December 2009

House Memorial HM 53—Prevention of Teen Dating Violence—September 2009

New Mexico School Counselor Task Force Final Report 2009

Senate Memorial SM 83—Tolerance Curriculum—December 2009