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For Immediate Release: January 26, 2006


Department Announces

Release of 2004-05 Title I Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Evaluation Report


Santa Fe—The Public Education Department (PED) released the 2004-2005 Title I Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Report last week that evaluates services of providers who offer tutoring and remediation services to low income students who attend a school in the second year of school improvement, corrective action, and restructuring.   Half of the 16 SES providers on the current state approved list received satisfactory ratings, while eight of the providers received a warning to improve their services.


Dr. Veronica C. García, Secretary of Education said, “This report is an important component of our fiscal accountability to parents and the public.  If providers offering tutoring services aren’t helping students achieve proficiency, they must improve their delivery systems this year if they want to continue receiving funding from the Public Education Department.  Part of Making Schools Work means ensuring that public monies are being well spent on programs that produce results.”


States are required to annually evaluate the effectiveness of SES providers and remove from the state approved list any provider that fails for two consecutive years to contribute to increased student achievement.  PED contracted with NMHU-CESDP to conduct the 2004-05 evaluation.  This is the first year that the PED released ratings of vendor performance.  Evaluation criteria included: New Mexico Standards Based Assessment results, provider assessments, classroom grades, as well as parent and teacher satisfaction.


SES services are additional academic instruction (i.e., tutoring, remediation) designed to increase the academic achievement of participating students, particularly in reading/language arts and mathematics.  As a part of the supplemental educational services program, parents are given the opportunity by districts to select a provider approved by the PED.


For more information, see the full report on the PED website at or contact Sam Ornelas, Director of State Title I Programs, at .


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