April 6, 2006


TO:                 Superintendents

FROM:           Dr. Veronica C. García, Cabinet Secretary

RE:                 new mexico declared a multicultural state


On February 21, 2006, Governor Bill Richardson issued an Official Proclamation that declares New Mexico a Multi-Cultural State.

“I urge all citizens to reflect on the valuable contributions to our state and nation made by New Mexicans of diverse cultures throughout our history, and to appreciate the richness that our blended cultural inheritance brings to our lives every day,” said Governor Richardson.

References to New Mexico as a Tri-Cultural State are outdated and incorrect, and I ask that you promote and support this Executive Action in any correspondence, official printed matter and public conversation. 

Encourage your students to appreciate the New Mexico traditions and experiences of generations of Native American, Black, Hispanic, Anglo, Asian and other ethnic backgrounds.  We must embrace our differences and celebrate the unique contributions of each ethnic community as we meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Thank you for sharing and implementing this historic Proclamation with your students, teachers, school administrators, members of the Board of Education, and your community.