January 14, 2005
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Public Information Officer
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Crow Canyon Archaeological Center presents Seeking the Center Place: Continuity and Change in the Pueblo World, a teacher's institute funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities

Cortez, Colorado –Seeking the Center Place: Cultural Continuity in the Pueblo World is a national institute for 25 teachers that will be conducted by the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in the summer of 2005. Funded by a $163,000 grant to Crow Canyon from the National Endowment for the Humanities, this four-week institute involves teachers in an intensive study of both the ancient and modern Pueblo world.

The ancient, or ancestral, Pueblo world was concentrated in the area known today as the Four-Corners. The well preserved ruins of large Pueblo villages like those in Mesa Verde National Park are still visible on the landscape today. For reasons that archaeologists are still trying to understand, the Pueblo world shifted to the South in the later part of the thirteenth century, into parts of modern day New Mexico and Arizona where many Pueblo villages exist today. The teachers selected to participate in this institute will have a unique opportunity to learn about Pueblo culture and history alongside an impressive group of scholars from a variety of disciplines and from members of living Pueblo communities. Field experiences in archaeological research, as well as visits to ancient and modern Pueblo villages, provide important contexts for the lectures, readings, and discussions that will be an on-going part of the institute.

The primary location for the institute is the campus of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, which is situated near the scenic town of Cortez in southwestern Colorado. This area is well known for having the densest concentration of archaeological sites in North America. One week of the institute will be spent in New Mexico to provide closer proximity to living Pueblo villages. Two nights will be spent in Gallup, with the rest of the week being spent in Santa Fe.

Seeking the Center Place will be led by Dr. Elaine Davis, Crow Canyon’s director of education, and Margie Connolly, Crow Canyon’s assistant director of education. Principal scholars are Dr. Mark Varien, Crow Canyon’s director of research, and Dr. Tessie Naranjo of Santa Clara Pueblo, NM. Other guest faculty will add to the month long institute, all offering a unique perspective on the subject matter

The institute is open to all K-12 teachers, principals, librarians, technology specialists, etc. from both public and private schools, as well as to home-school teachers. All participants, to be selected from a nationwide pool of applicants, receive a $3,000 stipend to cover institute costs. For inquiries and application materials contact Elaine Davis by email at edavis@crowcanyon.org or by phone at 800-422-8975 ext. 143, or log onto the Center’s website at www.crowcanyon.org