August 31, 2005
New Mexico Public Education Department
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Beverly Friedman
Public Information Officer


New Mexico 2005 Graduates Increase Participation and Scores on Advanced Placement Exams


SANTA FE New Mexico displayed an 11.4% increase in the number of public and private Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) candidates in 2005, according to a state summary report issued today from The College Board. The number of candidates reached 5,991.


Exams taken by students grew by 12.8% over 2004, to 9,505, and there was 3.6% growth in the number of scores of 3-5 as compared to 2004. Scores of 3-5 may qualify students for college or university credit equivalency.

Education Secretary Dr. Veronica C. Garcia said, “The Advanced Placement Program is an integral part of our efforts to prepare New Mexico students for higher education. I’m pleased to see that our efforts to increase AP participation is working and that more students who traditionally haven’t considered college are participating.”

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all candidates in New Mexico are minorities (Hispanic, Native American, Asian and African American), compared to 35% nationwide. Hispanic student participation in 2005 was 2,031 representing an 18.6% increase over 2004 and scores of 3-5 for Hispanics grew by 17.7%. Native American participation increased by 32.6% over 2004. However, overall Native American scores of 3-5 on exams fell by 18.7%. Public school students took 8,337 exams representing a 13.4% increase over 2004. 3,489 exams earned a score of 3-5 representing a 6.2% increase over 2004, and qualifying those students for college or university credit for equivalent courses.

2005 Scores of 3-5 on AP Exams (On a five-point scale)

# Of Grades 3-5 by Public School Students

Change from Last Year

# Of Grades 3-5 by Hispanics

Change from Last Year





The top five AP programs with the most exams taken were: AP English Language & Composition – 1,693 exams; AP English Literature & Composition – 1,655 exams; AP United States History – 1,208 exams; AP Calculus AB – 852 exams; and AP World History – 579 exams.

Public school students represented 87.8% of all New Mexico test takers. 564 AP Spanish Language Exams were taken in 2005, an 18.2% increase over 2004; 437 of these exams earned scores of 3-5 for a 12.9% increase over 2004, qualifying students for college or university credit.