PRESS RELEASE - October 4, 2004
Office of The Governor
Capitol Bldg., 4th Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87503

Gilbert Gallegos
(505) 476-2217

Governor Bill Richardson applauds Think New Mexico
For pursing Pre-Kindergarten

SANTA FE- Governor Bill Richardson said today that his is pleased that Think New Mexico is pursuing a plan to increase access to high-quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten programs for four-year-olds.

Governor Richardson this week outlined his New Mexico Pre-K plan, which will be presented to the 2005 Legislature. The Governor’s plan will be a public-private partnership that relies on community organizations to design local, high-quality Pre-K programs that are based on successful models.

“Increasing access to pre-kindergarten and creating opportunities for more New Mexico families is one of my top priorities,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “I’m pleased that Think New Mexico is taking on the challenge to invest in our children and find ways to offer more opportunities for pre-kindergarten.”

Think New Mexico is embracing the Governor’s approach to spending more money in the classroom, and not administration. The group is also recommending more efficient spending by school districts, similar to Governor Richardson’s Save Smart New Mexico initiative, which has already saved taxpayers $10 million in annual savings and a total of $44 million in long-term savings.

While Governor Richardson doesn’t endorse all of Think New Mexico’s ideas for paying for pre-kindergarten, he strongly supports the concept of finding more savings in school district budgets, and directing more money into classrooms.