November 17, 2004
New Mexico Public Education Department
300 Don Gaspar
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786

Jennifer Chavez
Public Information Officer
(505) 476-0393

Paseo Del Monte Charter Middle School Revocation Upheld Primarily
Due to Fiscal Mismanagement

(Santa Fe, NM)-- Secretary Veronica C. García announced today that the Public Education Department upheld the Albuquerque Public School’s August 18th, 2004 revocation of Paseo del Monte Charter Middle School’s charter for the reasons summarized below. Paseo Del Monte Charter Middle School:

  • Failed to comply with its approved charter;
  • Expended public money outside the Procurement Code;
  • Failed to maintain properly licensed special education staff in the classrooms;
  • Failed to provide instruction in core academic subjects;
  • Misspent public funds at the detriment of students;
  • Failed to submit key reports to the New Mexico Public Education Department; and
  • Failed to maintain proper inventory control of equipment at all times.

Secretary García said, “While I am saddened that Paseo del Monte was not able to keep its charter, I am confident I have made the right decision. I support charter schools as bastions of innovation and choice within the public education system, however I have the responsibility to ensure that charter schools are fiscally responsible and provide an appropriate educational setting. The Public Education Department will always seek to do what is best for students as well as maintaining the public trust. I believe revoking the charter was the correct thing to do. It is my expectation that APS will work with Paseo Del Monte Charter Middle School to assume a smooth transition as students are integrated back into other public schools within the district.”

Paseo del Monte will remain open for the duration of this semester under the management of Albuquerque Public Schools. To access the full decision please click here.