PRESS RELEASE - March 11, 2004
New Mexico Department of Transportation
1120 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 8750-1149

Elizabeth Gabel
(505) 203-0884

Statewide Student Competition for Commercial Concept

Prom season is a dangerous time for teens, putting them at risk in car crashes all across the state. To help stop death and injury, the New Mexico Department of Transportation is sponsoring a statewide public school competition to create a TV commercial promoting seatbelt safety.

Students from across the state are challenged to write a :30 second TV commercial promoting seat belt use with an emphasis on safety for parents and teens during the busy prom season. A professional film crew will come to their school to shoot the commercial, which will be aired statewide during prom season.

And to continue supporting student creativity, the winning school will receive a $2,500 camera package from Baillio’s Electronics and Appliance Connection.

The deadline for entries is March 19th. The winning entry will be announced on TV news and in newspapers across New Mexico.

Entries should be emailed to

Although New Mexico is proud to be 7th in the nation in seat belt use the goal of the ad campaign is to reach the 15% of residents who neglect to buckle up. Forty-three New Mexicans have died in fatal crashes just since January 1 of this year: 28 of those were not wearing seatbelts. Fifty-five teens died in vehicle crashes in New Mexico last year.

To spark the competition, the Department of Transportation has developed an ad for comparison. Students are challenged to write a better, more compelling ad.