August 17, 2004
New Mexico Public Education Department
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Charmaine Jackson-John
Public Information Officer
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Dr. Veronica C. García Signs Memorandum of Agreement with Pueblo of Zuni

Santa Fe—N.M. Secretary of Education Dr. Veronica C. García today announced that she has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Zuni Pueblo, to work together in providing Zuni language teachers for students attending Zuni schools.

“The MOA recognizes the tribe's unique responsibility and authority in determining who teaches their children the Zuni Language and provides a necessary resource for schools to hire qualified and respected Zuni tribal members,” said Secretary García.

On August 13, Dr. García and Zuni Pueblo Governor Arden P. Quetqwki, Sr. signed the MOA, which was made possible through the Native Language and Culture Act, passed by the Legislature in the 2002 legislative session.

Two main provisions of the MOA are: the Zuni Pueblo is responsible for establishing the process and criteria for certifying individuals for licensure to teach Zuni language, history and culture and; that the Public Education Department will receive applications and issue licenses according to the process established.