PRESS RELEASE - April 2, 2004
Office of The Governor
Capitol Bldg., 4th Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87503

Dr. Stephen Easley
(505) 660-2088

Governor Bill Richardson announces plan to consolidate State Information Technology

Plan Will Save $30 million; result in
More Effective State Government

SANTA FE- Governor Bill Richardson announced today that he has signed an Executive Order directing state executive agencies to reorganize and consolidate the information technology, computer and network resources. The state will save $30 million by the end of Governor Richardson's first term.

“We’ve taken unprecedented steps to ensure financial accountability and performance in state government, including information technology,” Governor Bill Richardson said. “My goal is simple. I want the tools to serve the public in the most efficient manner, and at the lowest possible cost to taxpayers.”

The Executive Order calls for internal consolidation of state executive agency IT resources, which means all IT employees will report to a single organization - the office of the Agency Secretary or Director.

Agencies are required to set up financial controls that will allow better accounting of IT costs and expenditures. All agency IT expenditure must be reviewed and approved by the head of the Agency’s IT organization. This is in contrast to the multiple IT organizations that currently exist in many agencies, creating a duplication of effort.

A statewide IT consolidation plan will be developed to consolidate the redundant services across agencies. Examples of services that will be centrally provided are E-mail, a central accounting system, data centers, and network security.

The state General Services Department will lead the state’s IT consolidation management.

The consolidation will result in an initial savings of $19.3 million. That savings should grow to $30 million annually.

“Many agencies are participating in the development of the IT consolidation plan,” said Moira Gerety, the state’s Chief Information Officer. “Carrying out the Governor’s vision for IT consolidation will be an enormous challenge for all of the state’s IT staff, but we welcome the opportunity and look forward to providing the people of New Mexico with the excellent information technology services that they deserve and expect.”

No federal mandates or requirements for agency operations will be impacted negatively by the consolidation plan.

Executive Order 2004-014 went into effect upon the Governor’s signature on March 29, 2004, and will remain in effect until rescinded by the Governor.

Click here to see the Executive Order.