PRESS RELEASE - October 1, 2003
Office of The Governor
Capitol Bldg., 4th Floor
Santa Fe, NM 87503

Pahl Shipley
(505) 476-2299

Governor Bill Richardson Announces the Governor’s Progress Agenda (G.P.A.)
Outlines Process for Education Reform

SANTA FE- Governor Bill Richardson today began the process to reform New Mexico’s education system, announcing the formation of a task force to create the Governor’s Progress Agenda (GPA), the road map that will be used to implement changes in the State Department of Education.

The Governor named 100 New Mexicans to the task force, 54 from rural areas of the state.

The Governor’s prepared remarks from a news conference today at the State Capitol:

“The voters have spoken, and progress begins today. I am announcing a bipartisan task force that will work for the next year to ensure that the concerns of all New Mexicans are addressed as we begin to implement long overdue reforms in our schools.

Lt. Governor Diane Denish and former Republican Governor Garrey Carruthers will serve as co-chairs.

The message of the election is clear- New Mexicans want the Governor to be accountable for education, to ensure the additional funds from the permanent school fund go directly into education, and also that rural schools not be left behind. This prompted me to appoint 53 task force members from rural areas, including some who opposed the
amendments. We’re all New Mexicans now. It’s time to move forward.

This task force will develop the “Governor’s Progress Agenda” (GPA), and will prioritize issues and set a detailed timeline as we re-engineer the Department of Education, and our education system as a whole.

It is time for higher scores, more graduations, and greater accountability. I will demand results.

The task force will be charged with:

  • Restructuring the State Department of Education to better support schools
  • Identifying mechanisms that ensure the distribution from the permanent fund is spent in the classroom
  • Developing the portions of the school code that require re-writing
  • Advise on FY05 Public School support package
  • Create charter vocational high schools
  • Open up eligibility for charter schools to receive capital outlay funds
  • Holding hearings throughout the state, and survey every school district to see what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Make recommendations for the restructuring and streamlining of the State Department of Education
  • Recommending the newest and most innovative programs to improve education

There are several pressing issues that must be immediately addressed.

  • As I promised during the campaign, I will order a complete audit and performance review of the entire education budget: one-point-eight-billion dollars. We must make sure we’re investing in the classroom and not
  • I have established the Office of Educational Accountability to put a system in place to make sure the money approved through Amendment 2 is going to directly to education- higher teacher salaries and higher standards, advanced placement, full day kindergarten, and books and materials.
  • I will establish a Rural Schools Division within the State Department of Education.
  • I will, as I promised, establish an Indian Education Division and appoint a director.

As of October 14th, the State Board of Education will no longer exist. The ten members of the new Public Education Commission will serve in an advisory capacity.

I will now ask the Public Education Commission (PEC) to advise me and the Secretary of Education on education issues. I will meet with the PEC on a bi-monthly basis.

I want to create a stronger, and more responsive partnership with all our local
school districts, and give them the support and resources they need to do better.”

Governor Richardson’s Progress (GPA) Agenda Task Force


  1. Diane Denish, Lt. Govrnor, Hobbs
  2. Garrey Carruthers, Dean, College of Business, NMSU


  1. Carlos Atencio, Executive Director, Northern Network for Rural Education, Rio Rancho
  2. John Darden, School Board Member, Las Cruces
  3. Charles Hayes, Superintendent, Lordsburg
  4. Jackie Riggs, President, NM Roundtable, Albuquerque

Steering Committee

  1. Dorothy Armijo, President School Board, Pecos
  2. Ellen Bernstein, President, AFT, Albuquerque
  3. Kip Bobroff, Professor, UNM, Indian Law, Albuquerque
  4. Leslie Boggs, President, PTA Executive Board, Albuquerque
  5. Kaye Brilliant, NEA, Albuquerque
  6. John Carey, President, ACI, Albuquerque
  7. Yvonne Crooker, Principal, Thoreau Elementary School, Gallup
  8. Dale Dekker, Architect, Dekker/ Parish/ Sabatini, Albuquerque
  9. Veronica Garcia, Executive Director, NM Coalition of School Administrators, Albuquerque
  10. Donovan Gomez, State Board of Education, Chairman of Indian Education Advisory Committee, Taos
  11. Alfred Herrera, School Board Member, Esapanola
  12. Eduardo Holguin, President, NEA, Albuquerque
  13. Gary King, Former State Representative, Moriarty
  14. Bill Moffat, Chairman, School of Business Officials Association, Los Lunas
  15. Carolyn Monroe, President, Albuquerque Title Co., Albuquerque
  16. Tony Montfiletto, Amy Biehl Charter School, Albuquerque
  17. Angela Czubak, Principal, Red River
  18. Stuwart Paisano, Governor, Sandia Pueblo
  19. Kaye Peery, Superintendent, Maxwell
  20. Susan Quintana, Golden Apple Teacher, Pojoaque
  21. Tom Sullivan, Superintendent, Farmington
  22. Christine Trujillo, AFT, State Board of Education member, Albuquerque
  23. Manuel Valdez, Superintendent, Chama
  24. Gloria Rindon, Director, LESC
  25. Bob Moulton, Dean, NMSU College of Education, Las Cruces
  26. Trevor Loy, Fly Wheels Adventures, Santa Fe
  27. Randy Manning, President, NM School Board, Kirtland
  28. Janet Martin, Teacher, Angel Fire
  29. Leah Sandoval, Student, UNM, Pojoaque

Task force Members

  1. Bill Garcia, Retired Intel, Rio Rancho
  2. Jim Anderson, Superintendent, Los Alamos
  3. Carol Angel, Parent, Springer
  4. Del Archuleta, State School Board Member, Albuquerque
  5. Loretta Armenta, Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, Albuquerque
  6. Fannie Atcity, Teacher, Shiprock
  7. Kris Baca, Executive Director, SNMERC, Carlsbad
  8. Ray Baca, Roswell Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Roswell
  9. Harold Bailer, President, NAACP, Albuquerque
  10. Charles Bowyer, Intergovernmental Affairs, Santa Fe
  11. Ginger Blalock, UNM Special Education, Albuquerque
  12. Ken Carson, President, Bank of Belen, Belen
  13. Sue Cleveland, Superintendent, Rio Rancho Schools
  14. Lisa Domenici, Former Teacher, Albuquerque
  15. Karen Griego, Director, ENLACE, Albuquerque
  16. Joe Guillen, State School Board Member, Espanola
  17. Debra Gurule, Golden Apple Teacher, Cuba
  18. Clinton Hardin, Senator, Clovis
  19. John Heaton, Representative, Carlsbad
  20. Carroll Leavell, Senator, Jal
  21. Vicente Llamas, Educational Consultant, Las Vegas
  22. Owen Lopez, Executive Director, McCune Foundation
  23. Ed Lujan, Chairman, Board of Directors, Hispanic Cultural Center, Albuquerque
  24. Chet Lytle, Former President ACI, Albuquerque
  25. Paula Maes, APS Board Member, Albuquerque
  26. Yolanda Manzano, School Board Member, Silver City
  27. Kilino Marquez, Superintendent, Grants
  28. Margaret Marshall, School Board Member, Quemado
  29. Rick Miera, Representative, Chair, LESC
  30. Bud Mulcock, Lobbyist, Albuquerque
  31. Cynthia Nava, Senator, Chair, Senate Education Committee, Gadsden
  32. Richard Pickering, Education Analyist, Santa Fe
  33. Ana Mae Pino, Education Consultant, Pine Hills
  34. Linda Preciado, Kindergarten Facilitator, Carlsbad
  35. Frank Renz, Executive Director, Two-Year Post Secondary Presidents, Santa Fe
  36. Manny Rodriguez, Superintendent, Roswell
  37. Richard Romero, President Pro Tempore, Albuquerque
  38. Stan Rounds, Superintendent, Hobbs
  39. Kevin Shendo, Director, Education, Jemez Pueblo
  40. Ann Shiells-Leviner, School Board Member, Soccorro
  41. John Spradling, Herff Jones-Campus Specialist, Los Lunas
  42. Mimi Stewart, Representative, Albuquerque
  43. Sumner Price, Golden Apple Teacher, Las Vegas
  44. Duffy Swan, Chair, Golden Apple Teachers, Cedar Crest
  45. David Townsend, Former Co-Chair EITF, Alamogordo
  46. Jo Lou Trujillo-Ottino, Commission on Higher Education, Albuquerque
  47. Alan Weingarten, School Board Member, Moriarty
  48. Phyllis Wright, Former Teacher of the Year, Las Cruces
  49. Judy Zanotti, Executive Director, NM First
  50. David Zimmerman, School Board Member, Questa
  51. Caron Snow, Business Manager, Ruidoso Schools, Ruidoso
  52. Scott Barthel, Businessman, Hobbs
  53. Jon Barela, Intel, Government Relations, Albuquerque
  54. Carlotta Penny Bird, Instruction Director, Zuni Pueblo
  55. Ferlin Clark, President, Dine’ College, Farmington
  56. Frank Fast Wolf, Special Education, Former Principal, Santo Domingo
  57. Pat Gatten, PTA, Alamogordo
  58. Stuart Ingle, Senator, Portales
  59. Gay Kernan, Senator, Hobbs
  60. Gracy Leary, Teacher, Portales
  61. Harvielee Moore, Testing Coordinator, Deming
  62. James Smith, Teacher of the Year, Las Curces
  63. Ellen Swain, Golden Apple Teacher, Cimmaron
  64. Thomas Dillon, Executive Director, Commission for the Deaf and Heart of Hearing, Santa Fe
  65. Sharon Ball, LESC, Santa Fe


Katherine Miller, Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office
Kurt Steinhaus, Education Advisor, Governor’s Office
Bill Hume, Senior Policy Advisor, Governor’s Office
Kooch Jacobus, Education Accountability Office
Virginia Trujillo, Education Accountability Office
James Jimenez, Secretary, DFA
Alan Morgan, Education Consultant
Peter Winograd, Director, Education Accountability Office