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May 10, 2002

SDE Releases 2000-2001 Accountability Report

(Santa Fe, NM)- The New Mexico State Department of Education (SDE) today released the 2000-2001 Accountability Report, the state-level report card published each year to provide information on the strength and performance of public education in New Mexico. Included is information on enrollment trends, funding and expenditure levels, graduation and college-bound statistics, specialized program support and participation levels and student performance and achievement.

"The report is an important component of the state's accountability program for public schools. While this document cannot possibly tell us everything about our schools, it does inform parents, citizens and public officials as to the status and progress of public education in our communities and our state," said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael J. Davis.

Included are district results and rankings from the New Mexico Achievement Assessment Program, administered in grades 3 through 9, the New Mexico High School Competency Examination and the American College Test (ACT). Also included are the results of the New Mexico Writing Assessment Program, administered in grades 4 and 6, and information on attendance rates, dropout rates, including district rankings, parent and community involvement and school safety.

The report shows that between 1998-99 and 2000-2001, overall student enrollment in New Mexico public schools decreased 2.6 percent. Based on 40th day enrollment figures, the ethnic composition of the state's student body for 2000-2001 was 50.1 percent Hispanic, 34.6 percent Anglo, 11 percent Native American, 2.4 percent African American, 1.1 percent Asian and .8 percent other.

Further, the rate of New Mexico's high school seniors who entered school in 2000-2001 and graduated ranged from a low of 68.8 percent in the Carrizozo Municipal Schools to a high of 100 percent in 16 districts. The report also provides information on the percent of graduates in each district who applied to two- and four-year institutions.

For 2000-2001, the statewide average returning teacher salary was $34,310. In addition, districts spent on average 44.13 percent of their net operating budgets for teachers' salaries, excluding fringe benefits. Also included are average returning teachers' salaries and district rankings for a three-year period.

This is the eleventh annual report issued by the state, as required under New Mexico statute. (School districts are also required to issue annual report cards.) The report is available from the SDE's accountability web page.