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March 1, 2002

SDE Announces 2001 Ratings For Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools

(Santa Fe, NM)- The New Mexico State Department of Education (SDE) announced today the 2001 ratings for the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools. Thirty-one schools, excluding the district's two alternative schools, were rated. Eight schools were rated as "meets standards," 22 schools were rated as "probationary" and one school was rated as "exceeds standards."

The schools were given an extension of their 2000 ratings when the state's public schools were rated in October 2001, due to the district's delay in providing scoring data from the achievement assessment. The scoring data was received in January.

Five of the schools previously rated as "probationary" improved their ratings to "meets standards." They are Chee Dodge Elementary, Gallup Middle, Ramah Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary and Thoreau High. One school - Gallup High -- improved its rating from "meets standards" to "exceeds standards."

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael J. Davis said, "We are extremely pleased that five of the schools improved their probationary ratings and are now meeting standards and that Gallup High is exceeding standards. Our goal has been to raise the level of learning for all children in New Mexico. This is beginning to happen in the Gallup-McKinley County Public Schools."

The SDE announced the following ratings for Gallup-McKinley County:


Chee Dodge Elementary                                    Meets Standards

Church Rock Elementary                                   Probationary

Crownpoint Elementary                                     Probationary

Crownpoint High                                               Probationary

David Skeet Elementary                                    Probationary

Gallup High                                                       Exceeds Standards

Gallup Junior High                                             Probationary

Gallup Middle                                                    Meets Standards

Indian Hills Elementary                                      Meets Standards

Jefferson Elementary                                         Probationary

John F. Kennedy Middle                                    Probationary

Juan de Onate Elementary                                 Probationary

Lincoln Elementary                                            Probationary

Navajo Elementary                                            Probationary

Navajo Pine High                                              Probationary

Ramah Elementary                                            Meets Standards

Ramah High                                                      Meets Standards

Red Rock Elementary                                        Meets Standards

Rocky View Elementary                                    Probationary

Roosevelt Elementary                                        Meets Standards

Smith Lake Elementary                                      Probationary

Stagecoach Elementary                                     Probationary

Thoreau Elementary                                          Probationary

Thoreau High                                                    Meets Standards

Thoreau Middle                                                 Probationary

Tobe Turben Elementary                                   Probationary

Tohatchi Elementary                                          Probationary

Tohatchi High                                                   Probationary

Tohatchi Middle                                                Probationary

Twin Lakes Elementary                                     Probationary

Washington Elementary                                     Probationary


Eight schools face the possibility of correction action in 2002-03. The schools are Church Rock Elementary, Crownpoint High, David Skeet Elementary, Gallup Middle, John F. Kennedy Middle, Navajo Pine High, Ramah Elementary and Thoreau Middle.

"We cannot lose sight of the fact that some schools in New Mexico will face takeover next year. The bottom line in education is ensuring that all students have an equal opportunity to graduate and pursue their dreams."

The SDE also announced revised ratings for Lydia Rippey Elementary in Aztec and Rio Rancho High in Rio Rancho. Both schools moved from "exceeds standards" to "exemplary" based on the inclusion of attendance data which had been excluded when the schools were rated in October.