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April 26, 2002

SBE Simplifies Licensure Reciprocity Process, Clarifies Licensure Status, Requirements for Foreign Citizens

(Alamogordo, NM)-The New Mexico State Board of Education (SBE) voted today at its regular meeting in Alamogordo to adopt amendments to its licensure reciprocity rule that simplify the licensure reciprocity process for teachers holding out-of-state licenses and provide for non-renewable three-year licenses for teachers who are foreign citizens.

Under the amendments, out-of-state teachers could secure a New Mexico license by providing proof of having passed any teacher licensure test or tests satisfying the requirements for teacher licensure in another state or providing evidence of having satisfactorily taught using their out-of-state license or licenses. Foreign citizens who are part of a foreign visitation program could receive a non-renewable Level I license for three years and would not be required to take the New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) unless they sought to move to Level II licensure. They could only teach in their area of expertise and would not be eligible for substandard licensure in another area. The amendments will be effective this summer.

In other action, the SBE:

  • Instructed State Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael J. Davis to propose to the SBE in June amendments to the accountability regulation to detail the parameters for school districts to pursue corrective action for their potential corrective action schools, including contracting with an outside contractor, in advance of state-imposed corrective action.
  • Voted to continue with its accountability timeline for 26 Title I schools identified by their districts as needing improvement in 1997, designated by the SBE for school improvement in 2000 and facing corrective action this fall.
  • Postponed until June action on a rule requiring licensure of school business officials, changes in the application of growth scores in the Accountability Program and amendments changing the age of eligibility for the General Educational Development Tests (GED) to 16 years of age.
  • Approved the application by the Jemez Valley Public Schools for pilot charter school district status and additional waivers for the charter, pending approval by a majority of the qualified electors in the school district.
In June, the SBE will consider amending its substandard licensure rule to give teachers holding this license a one-year extension. Districts must request this extension for their qualifying teachers.