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Purpose of Schoolwide Programming

A schoolwide program is based on the belief that students will benefit the most from education when schools are given the opportunity to improve the entire instructional program. The schoolwide option allows schools to focus on the entire school rather than on an individual program that operates in the school for a small portion of the school day. It also enables schools to combine Title I funds with other federal, state, and local programs to upgrade a school's entire program.

Schoolwide Features Sec.1114(b)(1) require programs to:

  1. Complete a comprehensive needs assessment of the entire school that is based on information which includes the achievement of children in relation to the New Mexico academic content standards and benchmarks.
  2. Develop a comprehensive plan, with LEA and community involvement, which would reform the total instructional program.
  3. Provides opportunities for all children to meet the state proficient and advanced levels of student academic achievement.
  4. Use effective scientifically research based instructional strategies and effective methods.
  5. Address the needs of all children in the school, but particularly the needs of low achieving children and those at risk of not meeting state standards.
  6. Provide instruction by highly qualified professional staff.
  7. Supports intensive and sustained professional development for teachers, principals and paraprofessionals, and if appropriate, parents and other staff.
  8. Attract high-quality highly qualified teachers to high needs schools.
  9. Reinforce strong parent involvement, for example, by including the provision of family literacy services, parent committees and parent rooms.
  10. Assist preschool children with the transition from early childhood programs to local elementary school programs.
  11. Include teachers in decisions regarding the use of assessments in order to provide information on, and to improve, students' performance and the overall instructional program.
  12. Provide timely, effective assistance to students who experience difficulty in meeting the state's standards, including taking specific steps to involve parents in helping their children meet the standards.

Designing Schoolwide Programs- Non-Regulatory Guidance 2006

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