New Mexico - Public Education Department

Laws & Rules
Federal Laws and Regulations

Part B of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 Regulations
Supplemental (December 1, 2008)

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) - January 2011

State Laws and Rules

New Mexico Statutes (unannotated version)

Special Education Rule (NMAC 6.31.2, as amended)

Standards for Excellence (NMAC 6.29.1)

Student Rights and Responsibilities (NMAC 6.11.2)

NMAC information on Braille Access Act specific to 6.75.4 NMAC



Charter Schools

Coordinated Early Intervening Services (CEIS) Guidance

Dispute Resolution Resources

Mediators | Facilitators

List of New Mediators and Facilitators

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Formal Dispute Resolution Flowcharts

Dual Discrepancy

  1. Federal Rules and Regulations – Dual Discrepancy
  2. SLD Worksheet Oct. 2010
  3. Student Assistance Team & Three-Tier Model of Student Intervention
  4. Recommended Teacher Professional Development Materials


FAQ: ELs and Special Education


Fact Sheets

Mediation and Complaints
The Facilitated IEP Meeting (May 2012) Datos de una junta facilitado
Due Process Hearing Resolution Session Fact Sheet (January 2017) Datos de una sesión de resolución de una audiencia de debido proceso
Mediation Fact Sheet (May 2012) Datos de Mediación de Educación Especial
Due Process Hearing Fact Sheet (Jan 2017) Lo Que un Padre Necesita Saber Sobre una Audiencia de Debido Proceso

General Guidance

Guidance for Student and Teacher Accountability Reporting System (STARS)

Hospital/RTC Settings

Individualized Education Program

Instructional Materials

Instructional Time



Private Schools

TEAM manual/ Eligibility Determination and REED

Training Resources and Information

Regional Education Cooperatives: Region VI | Region IX

Special Quest is a training initiative to develop skills and strategies for inclusive practices through a team approach. Resources have been allocated to utilize the Special Quest approach to further efforts in implementing inclusive practices for children with special needs from birth - five in early care settings.

Special Quest Multimedia Training Library

Resources for Students Who Are Blind or Have Print Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder Information Collection

Bill of Rights for Students Who Are Deaf

Resources for Students with Communication Disabilities

Secondary Transition

Transportation Services

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