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Dispute Resolution
Federal law and state rules provide that either the parent/adult student or the school district has the right to request a due process hearing whenever there is a dispute between the parent and the school district over the district's proposal or refusal to initiate or change the identification, evaluation, proposed individualized education program (IEP) or portion thereof, the implementation of the IEP, educational placement, or the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE). These requests for due process are heard by independent due process hearing officers. Pursuant to 34 CFR § 300.514(c), the Special Education Bureau must make available to the public the decisions of the due process hearing officers. The hearing decisions listed below are identified by case number representing the school year in which the case was filed.
Due Process Decisions*
2016-2017 Decisions
DPH 1617-14 – Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1617-14 Abstract
DPH 1617-01 – Gallup-McKinley County Schools
2015-2016 Decisions
DPH 1516-28 – Creative Education Preparatory Institute
DPH 1516-22 Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 1516-02 Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1516-02 Abstract
2014-2015 Decisions
DPH1415-20 Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 1415-05 Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1415-05 Abstract
DPH 1415-02 Los Lunas Public Schools
2013-2014 Decisions
DPH 1314-35 Ralph J. Bunche Academy and The International School at Mesa del Sol | DPH 1314-35 Abstract
DPH 1314-14 Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1314-14 Abstract
DPH 1314-08 Belen Consolidated Schools
DPH 1314-06 Albuquerque Public Schools
2012-2013 Decisions
DPH 1213-39 West Las Vegas School District | DPH 1313-39 Abstract
DPH 1213-38 Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1213-38 Abstract
DPH 1213-36 Las Vegas City Schools | DPH 1213-36 Abstract
DPH 1213-35 Albuquerque Public Schools | DPH 1213-35 Abstract
DPH 1213-27 Final Decision | DPH 1213-27 Abstract
DPH 1213-14 Final Decision | Abstract
DPH 1213-19 - Las Vegas City Schools
DPH 1213-13 Albuquerque Public School | Abstract
DPH 1213-05 Albuquerque Public Schools
| Abstract
2011-2012 Decisions
DPH 1112-29 Pojoaque Valley Public Schools |Abstract
DPH 1112-14 Reserve Independent Schools
DPH 1112-08 Mora Independent Schools (Abstract)
DPH 1112-05 Los Lunas Public Schools
2010-2011 Decisions
DPH 1011-28 Albuquerque Public Schools – Decision & Order on Remand from DNM No. CV12-30
DPH 1011-28 Albuquerque Public Schools – (Abstract on Remand from DNM No. CV12-30)
DPH 1011-44    Los Lunas Public Schools(Abstract)
DPH 1011-37    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 1011-33    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 1011-28    Albuquerque Public Schools (Abstract)
DPH 1011-27    Los Lunas Public Schools (Abstract)
DPH 1011-11    Albuquerque Public Schools
2009-2010 Decisions
DPH 0910-37    Albuquerque Public Schools (Abstract)
DPH 0910-36    Española Public Schools
DPH 0910-33    Portales Municipal Schools
DPH 0910-26    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 0910-25    Albuquerque Public Schools (Abstract)
DPH 0910-13    Pecos Independent Schools
DPH 0910-10    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 0910-04    Albuquerque Public Schools
2008-2009 Decisions
DPH 0809-28    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 0809-24    Albuquerque Public Schools & AIMS
DPH 0809-12    Las Cruces Public Schools
2007-2008 Decisions
DPH 0708-10    Los Alamos Public Schools
DPH 0708-04    Aztec Municipal Schools
DPH 0708-02    Albuquerque Public Schools
2006-2007 Decisions
DPH 0607-17    West Las Vegas Public Schools
DPH 0607-14    West Las Vegas Public Schools
DPH 0607-13    West Las Vegas Public Schools
DPH 0607-08    Gallup McKinley County Schools
DPH 0607-07    Rio Rancho Public Schools (Abstract)
DPH 0607-05    Santa Fe Public Schools
DPH 0607-03    Gallup McKinley County Schools
DPH 0607-01    Grants/Cibola County Schools
2005-2006 Decisions
DPH 0506-03    Albuquerque Public Schools
DPH 0506-01    Farmington Municipal Schools

*Not all due process filings result in a decision such as those posted on this page because the majority of due process complaints are resolved by the parties through alternative dispute resolution.

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