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Dear Educators,

The New Mexico Centennial Office in Santa Fe is planning an exciting project for New Mexico schools. To leave this centennial year of 100 Years of Statehood with a big bang, we would like interested science teachers with their students build and launch Large Model Rockets (LMRs) simultaneously from across New Mexico.

This project (October 2012) is still evolving and details are still being worked out, but we would like to get a sense how many (science) teachers/students/schools might be interested in participating?

The project is two-fold and involves launching a Large Model Rocket (LMR) and viewing the classic movie October Sky.

Rockets launch:

• Participating elementary, middle, and high schools statewide will build and/or launch (legal) Large Model Rockets (LMRs) at the same time. We are working on funding to provide schools with the rockets.
• One of NASA’s satellites will aim its camera specifically on New Mexico and take images while the rockets are being launched.
• Participating science teachers/students/schools will receive a NASA/Centennial photograph taken from space of the launched rockets.

October Sky Viewing:

• Have participating schools/classes view this classic “coming of age” and rocketry movie. We are working on funding to provide classes with their own CD copies for future use.
• The Centennial Office will provide participating teachers with a lesson plan/curriculum for the various school age groups to be viewed as part of the rocketry project.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting project or would like to find out more details, please contact:

Ona Johnson
Deputy Director
New Mexico Centennial
(505) 984-2012
Tomas Jaehn
Fray Angélico Chávez History Library
New Mexico History Museum
(505) 476-5053

Centennial Rocket Launch Teacher Invite

Centennial Rocket Flyer

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