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El Sistema Lexile® Para Leer


El Sistema Lexile™ para Leer, the Spanish-language version of the widely adopted Lexile® Framework for Reading, provides its own developmental scale and measure to connect Spanish readers with resources at the right level of difficulty and in their native language. Spanish Lexile measures help educators, librarians and families select targeted materials and activities that can improve reading ability and monitor reading growth in school, the library and at home. Spanish Lexile measures are available from a growing number of reading assessments and programs, and the number of resources with Spanish Lexile measures continues to increase.

A higher Spanish Lexile measure represents a higher level of reading ability on the Lexile scale. The New Mexico Standards-Based Assessment (SBA) for grades 3-8. The Spanich Lexile measure for 3rd-8th graders appear on the EOG test score report. A student's Spanish Lexile range spans from 100L below to 50L above his or her reported Lexile measure.

A Spanish Lexile text measure, like a Spanish Lexile reader measure, is reported on the same Lexile scale. The Lexile scale spans from below 0L for beginning reader text to above 1600L for more advanced text. A text receives a Lexile measure when MetaMetrics analyzes the complete text using propriety software that evaluates its various dimensions.

Matching Readers with Spanish Texts

Hispanic children compose the second-largest student population enrolled in public schools. Consequently, many educators and administrators are increasing efforts to meet the educational needs of Spanish-speaking students. El Sistema Lexile® Para Leer, a unique reading framework for Spanish readers and text, is a powerful tool for targeting instruction and improving achievement across grade levels and content areas. Built with the same concepts as The Lexile Framework for Reading, El Sistema Lexile puts readers and text on a common scale—the Spanish Lexile scale. Using Spanish Lexile measures, educators connect students with instructional resources that match their reading abilities in their native language. The number of fiction and nonfiction books and textbooks with Spanish Lexile measures grows every day.

Consider an educator who is teaching a unit on the Battle of Gettysburg. Typically, a fifth-grade class of 30 students will have a wide range of reading abilities, with only half of those students reading well enough to comprehend the content in the textbook. When the teacher uses the students' Spanish Lexile measures to connect them with ability-appropriate supplemental materials, they stay on track for meeting state performance standards in social studies and continue to strengthen their reading skills in their native language.

Free, Popular Spanish Lexile Tools

Spanish "Find a Book": This book-search tool enables individuals to build custom reading lists based on a Lexile range and personal interests and to check the availability of books at the local library.

Spanish Lexile Analyzer: The Spanish Lexile Analyzer evaluates text and generates a Spanish Lexile measure./p>

Spanish Lexile Titles Database: The Spanish Lexile Book Database contains Spanish Lexile measures for thousands of books from many publishers./p>

Spanish Lexile Map: The Spanish Lexile Map provides a graphic representation of Spanish texts matched to appropriate levels of reading ability.

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