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Welcome to New Mexico K-3 Plus!

The purpose of K-3 Plus is to demonstrate that increased time in kindergarten and the early grades narrows the achievement gap between disadvantaged students and other students, increases cognitive skills and leads to higher test scores for all participants. The program extends the school year for K-3 by 25 instructional days beginning before school starts.

The "K-3 plus" program is created in the department to provide funding for additional educational time for disadvantaged students in kindergarten through third grade. K-3 plus shall be administered by the department and shall provide the funding for approved full-day kindergarten and grades one through three to be extended by at least twenty-five instructional days, beginning up to two months earlier than the regular school years.

K-3 plus shall be conducted in high-poverty public schools. For the purposes of K-3 plus, "high-poverty public school" means a public school in which eighty percent or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-fee lunch at the time the public school applies for the program or an elementary school with a D or F grade the previous year.

Important Dates:
Application forms sent to districts and charters
Completed applications due back to the PED
Districts notified of awards
February 2, 2015
March 16, 2015
No later than April 15, 2015

Jerry Apodaca Education Building
300 Don Gaspar Avenue
Room 303
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone (505) 827-6526
Fax (505) 827-6563


Joan Davidge
K-3 Plus Program Coordinator

Yolanda Peña
K-3 Plus Program Coordinator

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