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Indian Education Division Reports
Tribal Education Status Report
The PED in collaboration with the 23 districts and 3 charter schools works to meet this statute of reporting to New Mexico (NM) tribes regarding the education of Native children. This statewide report is due by November 15th of each year and is distributed at the NM Government to Government meetings. The reports include the following indicators: 1) student achievement, 2) safety, 3) graduation rate, 4) attendance, 5) parent/community involvement, 6) education programs targeting American Indian students, 7) financial reports, 8) current status of federal Indian policies and procedures, 9) public school use of variable calendars, 10) school district plans to decrease the number of dropouts and increase attendance, 11) school district consultation with district Indian Education Committees, school-site Parent Advisory Councils and Tribal, municipal, and Indian organizations, 12) Indigenous research and evaluation and results for effective curricula for tribal students

TESR Guidance Manual
TESR Template
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2008 TESR: SY 07-08 2007 IESR: SY 06-07 2006 IESR: SY 05-06 2005 IESR: SY 04-05
State-Tribal Collaboration Act Annual Report
The State-Tribal Collaboration Act Annual Report (STCA) is due July 31 of each year, and describes the State-Tribal collaboration with the Public Education Department.
2016 STCA 2016 STCA Policy 2015 STCA 2014 STCA 2013 STCA
2011-2012 STCA 2010 STCA
Indian Education and Other Reports
Final Report of an Analysis of the Status of the NMPED Indian Education Division Submitted by: Richard Nichols & Associates

Final Report 2009-2011 of New Mexico College Pathways (NMCP)

NMCP Guide to Highly Effective Strategies

Indian Education In New Mexico 2025 Report

Tribal Leaders Speak: The State of Indian Education, 2010 Report: USDOE's Consultation with Tribal Leaders
  Office of the Governor of New Mexico Sunshine Portal US Department of Education Teach NM Score
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