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Waivers for School and District Officers

Waiver/Form Purpose
ADC Implementation Application To implement the alternate demonstration of competency (ADC) when students have not completed required attempts at the primary demonstration of competency
Alternate Credit Approval Request For approval of elective courses for credit according to NMAC
Alternate Credit Approval Request for ESL Course For approval of ESL courses for credit according to NMAC
Alternate Credit Approval Request for PE For approval of alternate courses to meet the physical education graduation credit
Cohort Request for Reassignment For schools challenging cohort assignment.
Graduation Review Signoff Form For districts completing data review.
Graduation Waiver Request To apply for graduation status for students meeting graduation requirements through non-traditional means
NMHSCE Waiver Request To allow students to meet graduation requirements through the ADC if they cannot meet competency on the New Mexico High School Competency Exam (NMHSCE)
Physical Education Waiver Request For exemption from the physical education graduation requirement due to medical reasons
Request to Exceed Maximum Number of SWD in Graduation Programs To identify the overage of students with disabilities (SWD) meeting graduation requirements in the career and ability program of studies
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