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Diploma Instructions

All test-takers must sign up at to obtain their first free copy of their diploma/transcript. Registering at does not automatically register test-takers for their diploma and transcript.

Only test-takers who tested from February 1, 2013 to the present will receive a first copy of their diploma and transcript free of charge.

Please make certain that you use the same name and ID number you used when you signed up to take the test.

Test-takers, who tested prior to 2002 and can not locate your record, please make sure you have completed the following:

  • Clicked the link for an archive search
  • Provided the full name at the time of testing
  • Provided the location/city of your testing
  • Provided the year or range of years of testing

DiplomaSender has all GED records for the state of New Mexico from 1943 to the present

The GED® Testing Program or DiplomaSender do not house records for the following institutions as they are not considered an official GED:

  • Parks College
  • Aztec Home Schooling
  • Any other diploma program that is not a GED® Testing Center in the state of New Mexico

High school diplomas from a traditional public high school

  • The PED is not a custodian of traditional public high school diplomas or transcripts
  • To retrieve a copy of your records, please contact your public high school's district office or the office of the superintendent (Click "Superintendents" link). If you attended more than one high school, contact that district from which you received your diploma.

Student Academic Records for Closed and Private Schools

The New Mexico Higher Education Department is the custodian of student transcripts for a limited number of closed private and proprietary institutions. Transcript request forms and instructions are available HERE.

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