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GED® Practice Test GED Ready™
The practice test, called the GED Ready™ is strongly recommended prior to taking your actual GED® Test. It has the same look and feel as the actual GED® test and provides students a first-hand experience answering computer-based test questions—written and developed by the test's creators—all from the comfort of the student's own home.

The GED Ready™ score report provides students with one of three responses:

  • Likely to pass
  • Too close to call
  • Not likely to pass

If a student receives either the response of "Too close to call" or "Not likely to pass", the report will indicate the area/s where the student needs assistance. The report will also provide specific resources of assistance in the identified area/s.

Click HERE to purchase the GED Ready

GED Ready™: Cost is $6.00 per subject area or, contact your local GED® Testing Center for options on their program.

For more information on the benefits of the GED Ready™, click on the following link: GED Ready™ Benefits

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