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Other Diploma Programs
In reality, a true GED® credential is recognized by state and local jurisdiction authorities.
  1. If the state isn't awarding you the GED® credential, you're paying money for something other than the GED® test.
  2. If you're taking the exam online or from home, you're paying money for something other than the GED® test.
  3. Validation of an on-line diploma program for entrance into a college institution or for employment purposes lays with the college institution or employment agency.

The New Mexico Public Education Department does not validate on-line diploma programs.

Don't take a site's word that they're accredited; they'll say anything to get your money.
Some organizations that are not approved by the state are:

  • American Accreditation Council of Online Learning
  • National Association for Legal Support of Alternative Learning
  • American Association on Non-Traditional Private Post Secondary Education
  • Universal Accreditation Association for Online Distance Learning

Note: As of July 2011, there is no accreditation agency recognized by the Department of Education (ED) or Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) that has the word "online" in its name.

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