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Charter School Statutes and Rules

Click on the following link to access the most recent statutes for New Mexico Charter Schools:

Once the link is accessed, click OK to open the Public Access search page for Official New Mexico Statues and Court Rules.
To drill down to the appropriate section:

  • Click the + sign beside Statutes, Rules and Const in the upper left hand side of the page
  • Click the + sign beside NMSA (Unannotated)
  • Click the + sign beside Chapter 22 Public Schools
  • Click the + sign beside Article 8B Charter Schools

Click on the following links to access New Mexico Charter School Regulations. NMAC 6.80.5 is a new regulation on Governing Body Training Requirements, which became effective on July 25, 2017. NMAC 6.80.4 was also revised effective July 25, 2017."

If you need information that is not available on the website, contact Options for Parents and Families Division at

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