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Driving student success in New Mexico by supporting both excellent authorizing practices and charter schools that provide quality programs and innovation in education.
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About Us

The Charter Schools Division (CSD) is committed to ensuring that charter schools are the incubators for the most innovative and effective educational models in the public school system. CSD in support of Charter Schools, provides technical assistance and resources to assist in:

  • Promoting use of nationally recognized best practice
  • Guidance towards compliance with charter school and NM laws
  • Understanding and implementing state and federal initiatives and programs
  • Evolving and expanding schools positive influence on students, teachers, parents, and communities in NM
  • The Notice of Intent, Application and Renewal Process
  • Thought partner around the employment of innovative charter practices that work

We collaborate with other Public Education Department bureaus, local authorizers, and the state authorizer, the Public Education Commission, to promote educational innovation and excellence.

We view compliance as a minimum standard, used to springboard schools to fulfill their dreams of educating the next generation of New Mexico youth to be productive and fulfilled members of our local and global community, and to provide additional models of schooling our young citizens.

About New Mexico Charter Schools
  What is a Charter School?
A charter school is a public school developed by one or more parents, teachers, or community members.
  Who Authorizes New Mexico Charter Schools?
A charter school may be authorized by the local school board (district charter schools) or the Public Education Commission (state charter schools).
  Why Charter Schools?
Charter Schools provide an alternative educational setting for parents and students within the public school system. Charter schools provide an opportunity to create new, innovative and more flexible ways of educating children.
  How does the Public Education Department Support State Charter Schools?
The CSD of the NM Public Education Department is responsible for the implementation of the provisions of state and federal laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to charter schools. However, the CSD's main purview is the monitoring and support of state charter schools.
  If you are interested in developing a charter school...
Our website provides a wealth of information in the "Developers of Prospective Schools" section of the Resources page. We encourage you to explore this information and contact us directly if you have specific questions.
  If you are looking to renew your charter school with the PEC...
Please review the renewal process in our "State and District Charter Schools Seeking to Renew Charter with State" section of the Resources page.

If you are interested in Charter School history related to Notice of Intent, Charter School Application and Renewal application please visit the PEC website.

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If you need information that is not available on the website, contact Linda Olivas, Options for Parents Division, at (505) 827-6909 or Contact Us at Charter School Division, New Mexico Department of Public Education, 300 Don Gaspar Ave, Rm 301, Santa Fe, NM 87501-2786

The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) has taken steps to protect the privacy of those involved in the Charter School Renewal process, when appropriate and applicable. Best efforts are made to ensure that all materials published on this site are correct. However, we do not guarantee that all the materials published will be completely free from errors and/or private information'

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