New Mexico - Public Education Department


The state's current system of school and district support is designed to help schools and districts meet state mandates as outlined in the approved New Mexico Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request (February 2012). These mandates are as follows: implementation of Common Core State Standards; development and administration of annual, statewide, aligned, high-quality assessments that measure student growth; implementation of the state-developed A–F School Grading Accountability System; and development and implementation of guidelines for local teacher and principal evaluation and support systems.

The state's support system includes: differentiated technical assistance, opportunities for professional development, annual program budget reviews, data-driven decision making, resources for best practices and research-based programs, and a number of tools to assist schools and districts in analyzing and determining their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Each school will be able to find themselves on a specific page within this document based on their school's report card grade (and status if applicable).


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