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The Web EPPS is completed by all schools and districts to address priorities in the school improvement plan. Monitoring functions are also available to capture federal requirements. Read More...

New Mexico A-F School Grading Accountability System 2014-2015: Matrix of Requirements and Monitoring for Districts and Schools

The state's current system of school and district support is designed to help schools and districts meet state mandates as outlined in the approved New Mexico Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Flexibility Request (February 2012). These mandates are as follows: implementation of Common Core State Standards; development and administration of annual, statewide, aligned, high-quality assessments that measure student growth; implementation of the state-developed A–F School Grading Accountability System; and development and implementation of guidelines for local teacher and principal evaluation and support systems.

School Improvement Grant 1003[g]

School Improvement Grants, authorized under section 1003(g) of Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (Title I or ESEA), are grants, through State educational agencies (SEAs)... Read More...

Principals Pursuing Excellence & Teachers Pursuing Excellence

The Principals Pursuing Excellence & Teachers Pursuing Excellence Program provides mentorship to New Mexico Principals based on the Public Impact Turnaround Competencies below.  This program will collaborate with New Mexico Districts to build a leadership pipeline to grow Turnaround Principals.

New Mexico Instructional Audit

This New Mexico Instructional Audit (NMIA) is part of New Mexico’s A-F School Grading Accountability System of school and district support. Its purpose is to improve instruction at the classroom level through examining systems that both support and monitor teachers and other instructional personnel. The audit generates data that inform the Educational Plan for Student Success (Web EPSS), the school’s improvement plan, which is required for every school in the state. 

Tools for Schools

This page provides resources to support improving academic outcome for students and includes:

• Math and Literacy Reflective Summaries
• Professional development handouts
• PowerPoint trainings
• Suggested Readings
• Resources shared by your colleagues in the field
• Schools and Systems Reflective Summaries
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