New Mexico - Public Education Department

Vision & Mission

The Public Education Commission (PEC) represents New Mexicans from across the state in an advisory role to the Secretary of Education.

A Shared Vision and Mission
Ten commissioners are elected to serve staggered four-year terms on behalf of the state districts in which they live. The PEC shares the vision of the Public Education Department:

"A world-class education system in which all New Mexico students are prepared to succeed in a diverse, increasingly complex world."

The PEC, together with the PED, acts to ensure that all students in New Mexico have an equal opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable them to be successful and responsible citizens.

High Expectations
PEC commissioners support high expectations for students, educators, administrators, schools, and districts. They communicate these expectations and work to improve public trust and support for public education.

State Chartering Authority
Improving school accountability by enabling school choice is important to the PED and the PEC.

In 2006, the PEC became the governing body for state-approved charter schools.

In 2007, the PEC reviewed ten state charter school applications and approved two:

Media Arts Collaborative
Cottonwood Classical Preparatory

The PEC renewed two charter schools that will become state chartered schools:

Horizon West Academy
North Valley Academy

Partnership for Strategic Decision
As PED's partner, the PEC works in three targeted committees devoted to research and analysis:

  • The Public Education Department's Strategic Plan
  • Charter Schools
  • Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical federal fund for career technical programs
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