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The NMTEACH Teacher Evaluation Framework is comprised of four categories: Improved Student Achievement; Classroom Observations; Planning, Preparation and Professionalism; and Surveys and Attendance.

Improved Student Achievement indicates a teacher's impact on the growth of the individual student. Because not all students come to the classroom at grade level readiness, improved student achievement is scored using a Value Added Model (VAM). VAM measures individual teacher contribution student achievement by comparing the expected student growth. Classroom Observations are formally scored two to three times per school year. Observers are school leaders trained and certified in the NMTEACH Observation Protocol. Guided by a rubric that describes teacher effectiveness at varying levels, observers have an objective set of criteria to evaluate teachers. Feedback is provided by the observer, to the teacher, to improve, expand or fine tune instruction.
Frontline Oasys Observation Processes
Planning, Preparation and Professionalism are assessed using the NMTEACH rubric. Among the many factors considered, are lesson plans, communication with families and professional conduct. Surveys are administered to students in grades 3 – 12 and to parents of students in grades k – 2. Survey questions are aligned to the NMTEACH rubric and examine a students' opportunity to learn.
Teacher Attendance is reported at the end of the school year by districts and charter schools. Research has shown teacher attendance is directly related to student outcomes.
Each category is weighted according to the amount of student achievement data available for the teacher. Improved student achievement is worth from 0% to 50%; classroom observations are worth25% to 50%; planning, preparation and professionalism is worth 15% to 40%; and surveys and/or teacher attendance is worth 10%.
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