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2016 STEM Symposium Presentations

Available materials from the Albuquerque Symposium, June 3-4.

Session I, Friday, June 3, 2016

1. Doing Science with NASA and the GLOBE Program
Jeannie Allen and Holli Riebeek, SSAI at NASA

2. Desert Stories: Integrating STEM and Literacy in a 3rd Grade Program About the Yucca and Yucca Moth
Stephanie Bestelmeyer and Rink Somerday, Asombro Institute for Science Education

3. How to Write a Scientific Paper and Give an Oral Presentation
Lynn Brandvold and Malva Knoll, New Mexico Academy of Science

8. How to Select and Use Language Supports for English Learners in Content-Area Classes
Kirsi Laine, Bilingual Multicultural Education Bureau, NMPED

Session II, Friday, June 3, 2016

15. Demonstrations to Drive Home Chemical Concepts
Lynn Melton, University of Texas-Dallas

Session II, Friday, June 3, 2016

17. Beyond the Standard: Engineering Mastery!
Ruben Diaz, La Academia Dolores Huerta Charter Middle School

18. The Power of Partnerships & Community Connections...Making Them, Taking Care of Them, & Celebrating Them!
Karen Kinsman, NM STEM-H Connection

19. Integrating Assessment and Differentiation for Student Engagement in the Mathematics Classroom
Monica Martinez-Archuleta and Randy Merker, LANL Math and Science Academy

22. Climate Change and the Water Cycle: A Free 6th-12th Grade Unit Focused on New Mexico and the Southwest
Rink Somerday and Stephanie Bestelmeyer, Asombro Institute for Science Education

Session III, Friday, June 3, 2016

25. Mathematics Writing Workshop: Promoting Standards for Mathematical Practice Through Writing
Lorenzo Gonzales, LANL Math and Science Academy and Mara Herrera, San Felipe Elementary

27. What Does it Mean to be a Culturally Responsive Teacher?
Cecilia Hernandez, New Mexico State University

29. Migrating Birds in New Mexico–New Activities
Tish Morris and Laurel Ladwig, Bosque Education Guide

30. Connecting STEM Education with GLOBE and Career Pathways Through NASA
Tracy Ostrom, UC Berkeley's College and Career Academy Support Network

31. STEMulating Solids: Using Everyday Materials to Teach STEM Concepts
Margaret Showalter and Pat Duda, La Academia de Esperanza

Session IV, Friday, June 3, 2016

33. New Mexico STEM Education: Share Your Voice!
NM PED Math & Science Advisory Council (MSAC)

34. Using EdReady for Personalized Learning in Mathematics
Vanessa Barela, IDEAL-NM, NMPED

36. Using Remote Access Capable Labs for Hybrid Engineering Education
Jorge Crichigno, Northern New Mexico College

39. Teaching Sustainability Through Supermarket Shopping
Nicholas Kunz and Kim Scheerer, New Mexico MESA, Inc.

40. The Tulie Tech FIRST Lego League
Danielle Kusmak, Tularosa Municipal Schools and Adam Kusmak, Tulie Tech FLL

41. Professional Learning Resources for Science Teachers
Ellen Loehman and Debra Thrall, New Mexico Science Teachers' Association

42. Integrating Technology into the Mathematics Classroom
Hope Montoya-Encinias and Jennylou Riel, Bernalillo Public Schools

Session V, Saturday, June 4, 2016

48. Learning STEM Through Fractals
Emma Eckert and Jonathan Wolfe, Fractal Foundation

49. Leveraging Technology and Formative Assessment
Krystal Irby, Albuquerque Public Schools

50. STEAM Intercultural Institute
Kim Scheerer, New Mexico MESA, Inc

Session V, Saturday, June 4, 2016

51. Brain Science and Classroom Education
James Forsythe, Brain Hackers Association

53. Energy in a New Mexico Ecosystem–New Activities
Tish Morris and Laurel Ladwig, Bosque Education Guide

54. Shifting the Task
Catherine Praiswater, Reads to Lead and Julie Bryant, NMPED

56. STEM Experiential Learning Opportunities Using a Simulated Tele-Science Exploration of Mars
Nader Vadiee, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute (SIPI) and Katrina Lake, Bernalillo Public Schools

59. Testing Resources for PARCC and SBA
Tori Gilpin, Gadsden Independent School District and Joslyn Overby, NMPED

60. Number Talks in the Mathematics Secondary Classroom
Karen Kaufmann, Albuquerque Public Schools and Kim Wollard, Gadsden Independent School District

62. Creative Hands and Curious Minds: Nurturing the Kids We Teach
Paulo Oemig, New Mexico State University

Saturday, June 4, 2016

74. Programs for Students & Teachers by the New Mexico Academy of Science (NMAS)
Malva Knoll and Lynn Brandvold, New Mexico Academy of Science

79. English Learners and Secondary Science Classrooms
Kathryn Watkins, University of New Mexico

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