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Fingerprinting is required for initial licensure
All applicants for initial educator licensure are required to be fingerprinted in order to establish positive identification for a state and federal (FBI) criminal history background check.

How are my fingerprints used?
Your fingerprints will be used to access FBI criminal history records. A license may be denied if the background check reveals a criminal history of convictions or felonies or misdemeanors of moral turpitude or other documented evidence of improper behavior that could establish unfitness for working in proximity of children and youth.

Who can perform the fingerprinting?
Fingerprints need to be taken by an authorized 3M Cogent site. Registration and information can be found at: Select the "Register Online for a Background Check" option. ORI# to be utilized is NM920140Z. CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions.

When the FBI Report is completed the results will be electronically sent to NM Public Education Licensure Backgrounds Unit.

How do I obtain a fingerprint card?
Fingerprint Cards will only be sent to out of state or country applicants who cannot utilize the livescan system. Applicants can obtain NM Licensure fingerprint cards by sending their complete mailing address information via email to:

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