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Request to Obligate Funds

A school district must receive approval from the Capital Outlay Bureau on non-construction projects and construction projects ≤ $200,000 appropriated by the Legislature of the State of New Mexico.

Districts and Charters are required to submit a request to oblogate funds along with quotes and bids prior to entering into any third party agreements.

The Notice of Obligation is required prior to a district encumbering, requesting disbursement, and/or reimbursement of funds.

Non-Construction or Construction ≤ $200,000

Request to Obligate Funds Form (formerly referred to as Project Plan Approval)

Notice of School Construction

In the following section we have provided you with PSFA’s “Request for Application of School Construction”.

This form should be used when the allocation amount of a direct appropriation is greater than $200,000 or when a direct appropriation is less than $200,000 but part of a greater construction project exceeding $200,000.

“Each local school board shall secure the approval of the Director of the Public School Facilities Authority or his designee prior to the construction or letting of contracts for construction of any school building or related school structure, or before reopening an existing structure which was formerly used as a school building but which has not been used for that purpose during the previous year.”

Construction > $200,000

Request for Application of School Construction (RASC) | Instructions

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