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Banned from campus A campus is the property of the school district. The district is also responsible for the safety of the students. The district is within its rights to ban anyone from the campus who is deemed disruptive or a possible safety concern.
Changing course grades A course grade can be changed, even after the course is over. The parent should work with the school and teacher and make the request in writing. The final decision rests with the principal.
Drivers' Education Districts must offer drivers' education as an elective.
Graduation Ceremony Graduation ceremonies (including cap, gown, invitation, and ring orders) are extracurricular activities and are not required for graduation. Each school/district determines who will be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies. If a student lacks a credit for graduation a school may allow the near-graduate to participate in the graduation ceremonies and receive the actual diploma after the credit has been completed in summer school. A school may also ban a student from the ceremonies for disciplinary reasons. Please work closely with your principal or superintendent to resolve any issues.
Lottery Scholarships Please contact the NM Higher Education Department for information on all post-secondary scholarships at Click on 'Students and Parents'. On the following page, in the left-hand menu, click on 'Student Financial Aid' for a list of financial support. Scrolling down in this pop-out list, you will see 'Scholarships'.
Prom School proms are extracurricular activities. Participation in the prom is a school/district issue. Please consult with the school principal or district superintendent regarding your child's participation in the prom.
Working with your
  1. List your concerns.
  2. Keep them simple.
  3. Meet with the educator and talk about your concerns.
  4. Request solutions during your conversation.
  5. Identify solutions all parties can support.
  6. Agree on a plan of action.
  7. Write a follow-up email or letter summarizing your discussion.
  8. Keep a copy.
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