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New Mexico assessments meet state and federal requirements for Title I, Title II and Title III. These assessments are used for a variety of purposes including High School Graduation, School Grading, and NMTeach Educator Evaluation.

The annual state assessment (formerly SBA, now PARCC) is an essential part of measuring and supporting students' academic growth. New Mexico's alternate assessments (NMAPA and NCSC) ensure that students with disabilities receive meaningful feedback on academic progress and can fully participate in school and teacher accountability. The annual language fluency assessment (Access for ELLs®) assists students transitioning into English only classrooms and helps bilingual and multicultural program implement the most successful strategies.

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Fall DTC training

NMAPA DTC Manual - Fall 2017

NMAPA TA Manual - Fall 2017

On Demand Reports Webinar 7-10-17
Webinar | Slides

Fall DTC training

PARCC AF&A Manual 6th Edition

PARCC Evidence Statement Analysis and Content Standard Roster Webinar

2017-2018 Assessment Calendar

Detailed Assesment Calendar 2017-2018

Tests and Help Desk Overview

Superintendent’s Verification Form

Principal’s Verification Form

Accommodations Manual 2017-2018

Winter 2017 DTC Training Presentation

2017 Achievement Data

Alternate Demonstration of Competency (ADC) Manual
(January 2017)

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