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Test Specifications

Assessment Blueprints

Math Reading Science Writing Spanish Reading
    Grade 3
  Grade 4 Grade 4
    Grade 5
    Grade 6
Grade 7 Grade 7
  Grade 8
High School High School High School High School

Assessment Frameworks
Reading | Math | Science

Performance Level Descriptors
Mathematics Grade 11
Reading Grade 11
Science Grade 11

Science Grades 3-8

Spanish Performance Level Descriptors

Scale Score Cut Score Intervals
What is Standard Setting?

Scale Score Cuts SBA Grades 3-8 and 11

Spring Scoring of the Standards and Benchmarks
2011 Total Items and Total Points

Alignment Studies

Performance Level Descriptors
Grade 11

Standards IIB & IIC Rubrics
Grade 3 | Grades 4 and above | Grade 11

Writing Conventions - SBA Content Limits for Standard IIB
Grades 3-4 | Grades 5-6 | Grades 7-8

SBA sample student reports to parents
Grade 3 | Grades 4 and above

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