New Mexico Home Schools
Online Notification Form

Before you begin filling out the online form, please look over the following steps you will need to take.

Remember to:

1. Notify the Secretary of Education within thirty (30) days of the home school's establishment and by August 1st of each subsequent year of operation for renewal. You may do this by completing the Online Notification Form each year.

2. Keep documentation readily available verifying that a high school diploma, G.E.D., or other degree was earned by the person or persons who will be providing instruction, the immunization records for the child(ren), and the school calendar to be followed. The New Mexico Public Education Department may request school verification.

3. Contact the local public school district for information on the provision of Special Education services.

4. Submit written notification to the Secretary of Education in the event that you move or cease to home school your child(ren).

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Refer questions about home schools to:
Options for Parents
Ph: (505) 827-6660