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The federally funded Even Start Family Literacy Program is intended to improve the educational opportunities of New Mexico's low income families by integrating early childhood education, adult literacy or (adult basic education and secondary-level education and/or instruction for English language learners), parenting education, and interactive parent and child literacy activities into a unified family literacy program.

Even Start supports integrated family literacy services for parents and their young children, primarily from birth through age seven. Services include the coordination of programs, providing support services, and professional development to ensure quality. Programs are implemented through cooperative projects that build on existing community resources, promote the academic achievement of children and adults, and achievement of New Mexico's Content Standards and Benchmarks.

  • Even Start serves an estimated 50,000 families nationwide in 1,200
    state administrated projects.
  • Eighty-four percent of Even Start’s families are at or below poverty levels.
  • Even Start families are significantly poorer than Head Start families.
  • Nearly half of Even Start families have an annual household income under
    $6,000. contrasted with only 13% of Head Start families.
  • 84% of Even Start adults do not have a high school diploma or
    GED; 44% of the parents have not gone beyond the 9th grade.


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Vonell Huitt
Education Administrator