Assessment & Accountability Division
What's New in Assessment and Accountability?
July 2011

Questions about content standards, performance standards, and assessments?

Joslyn Overby, Assistant director of Assessment & Accountability 505-827-6570

Questions about School Grades?
Dr. Cindy Gregory ( will answer questions about AYP


Alternative Demonstration of Competency
Alternative Demonstration of Competency Memo
Alternative Demonstration of Competency Guidance

Requests for Student Assessment Data
Form and Instructions
Process Flowchart

AYP 2011
AYP represents the annual academic proficiency targets in reading and math that the state, school districts and schools must reach to be considered on track with the federally mandated goal of 100% proficiency by school year 2013-14.

New Mexico Standards Based Assessment
Statistics and Data

Proficiencies, scaled scores by district and school

District Report Cards
School District Report Cards provide a summary of:

  • School AYP ratings and designations
  • School proficiency statistics in reading and math by subgroup for full academic year students
  • District and state proficiency statistics in reading and math by subgroup and grade for all students
  • School, district and state attendance and graduation rates
  • District student demographics
  • Teacher qualification statistics at school, district and state level
  • Core classes taught by highly qualified teachers at school, district and state level
  • Board member participation in required training
  • District expenditures
  • Parent survey on quality of education at school and district level

District report cards are published in the spring. The report card of 2008-2009 will be published Spring 2010.

Assessment & Evaluation Bureau
Test development, testing administration policy, technical elements of contracts, district support, models for classroom assessment, categorical assessment

Academic Growth and Analysis Bureau
Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), statewide achievement, longitudinal analysis, accountability report, NCES reporting

National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)
Alignment of NAEP information and state activities

505-827-6689 fax
505-827-6689 fax
505-827-6689 fax